Wolf Ketter in Forbes, RESET, Authority Magazine and Power Technology

Wolf Ketter has recently been mentioned in an article about Power TAC in the RESET Special Feature “Artificial Intelligence – Can Computing Power Save Our Planet?”. Read the full article: Power TAC: The AI Platform Showing How a 100% Renewable Energy World Might Actually Work

Authority Magazine has published this interview about Wolf’s career, his stance on sustainability and the current situation with COVID-19: Professor Wolf Ketter: “We will achieve the tipping point that accelerates a sustainable energy future when we finally realise how we are all connected in so many ways”.

Wolf has provided his insight about how “flattening the curve” during the current crisis might impact future business decisions in the Forbes article Seven Ways To Make Business Truly Sustainable Post-COVID.

The current lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is an obstacle for the wide adaption of electric vehicles. Wolf explains his take on the subject in the article Cleaning up cars: what will it take for the UK to drop fossil fuels? published in Power Technology.