Whitepaper: Sustainable Road Transport and Pricing

You can find the full whitepaper on the World Economic Forum website: Sustainable Road Transport and Pricing.

This White Paper, from the Global Future Council on Urban Mobility Transitions, evaluates road pricing mechanisms and calls for an acceleration towards equitable, clean and financially resilient mobility through continued examination of the impact of road transport. It offers a rationale for re-examining current mobility pricing mechanisms and reviews approaches to emission, congestion, parking and curb pricing schemes. Technological solutions and new mobility options provide the opportunity to use pricing mechanisms to reallocate public space and redeploy resources more sustainably. The paper calls for revisions to pricing mechanisms in conjunction with comprehensive mobility plans designed in partnership with communities to address their needs. With investment in shared, zero-emission and active mobility solutions combined with differential mobility fees, credits or scrappage schemes, changes to road transport can address the prevailing challenges.